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School Bus Safety for Drivers

School Bus Stop / Authorized Realty


Please.  Let me say it again, please.  Don’t pass a stopped school bus for any reason.

As a father of six beautiful and wonderful children who attend (or have attended) our Cabarrus County schools, it is crucial that my children get the best education, and that they are safe from danger.  My wife and I work very hard to make these things happen each day, but sometimes things are outside our control.  So, this article is a plea for your help.

As I’m sure each of you would agree, children are precious.  They are also in danger each morning and afternoon as they get onto and off a school bus near their home.

Each day as you drive around town to go to work, run errands, or whatever, please be cautious when driving near a school bus.  There are children on-board.

Never pass a stopped school bus – no matter how late you are for work.  Never pass a stopped school bus – even though they drive slowly and can be frustrating to sit behind.  Never pass a stopped school bus – because it takes only a split second for a child to step into the road.  When you see the school bus lights are flashing, please, stop your car.

And remember, someone is always watching.

Thank you for being aware of your surroundings, and for making our communities a safer place for kids.


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